Cuisine from a sister’s heart is what the Four Sisters of Gondar promise. And how is it possible for the Sisters to make every last one of their customers feel like a part of the family? The answer is simple—they have big hearts. But it is the sister’s individual talents and experiences that allow them to provide such a heartful dining experience, one you’ll never forget.

The Sister’s Parents

Through example and lesson, the Four Sister’s Father and Mother were both very dedicated to teaching their daughters the value of hard work. From family recipes going back generations, Mother’s specialty is the preparing of spices, a skill she taught the Sisters when they were young. After Father’s passing, Mother was very dedicated to raising and providing for the family—making sure her daughters all had good opportunities and good lives.

The Four Sisters

Before the opening of the Four Sisters Restaurant, Helen was a waitress at the prestigious Goha Hotel. There she learned valuable lessons in running a service-oriented high-quality restaurant. She is excellent at her job and is responsible for training the staff.

Senait opened a coffee shop across from the castle exit six years ago. The concept for this shop was entirely her design. It includes a gift shop and internet café. The government was so impressed her management of this business, they’ve allowed her to lease the land for The Four Sisters Restaurant.

In addition to working at the restaurant, eldest sister Tena is a police inspector. She worked many long hours to provide and support for the younger sisters. When she was younger, she trained and performed as a traditional Ethiopian dancer. Tena often leads the dancing during the after-meal entertainment.

The youngest sister, Eden, has a background in tourism. She’s worked with many travelers, helping them purchase tours of the Siemen Mountains and other points of interest in the Amhara region.  In addition to her work at the restaurant, Eden is a college student who learned fluent English by watching television. She has since taught English to her sisters.

The Restaurant

So what did these four talented and hard-working sisters do when they decided to open a restaurant? They sat down and together designed the entire concept—a remarkably beautiful and atmospheric haven where they could share their ability to create fantastic food, community, and joy. The gifted architect they hired successfully turned their long-term dream into a heart-felt reality—one the Sisters know you will feel at home in.

Location and Contact

Behind the public library
(200m from the exit of Fasil's Castle)

07.00 - 23.00
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

+251 918 736 510



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